Create a lasting impression with one-of-a-kind Commissioned art

A commissioned painting is a unique and personalized way to celebrate a passion, create lasting memories, and bring a touch of the underwater world into your life.. It's a thoughtful and meaningful choice that can leave a lasting impression.

You may have a few reasons for considering a commissioned work of art:

  • Personal Connection: Custom paintings capture your deep connection to the water world, from favourite swim spots to underwater memories and marine species, in a unique way.
  • Memorable Keepsake: Capture the excitement of your diving adventures with a custom painting of your favorite dive spot or marine friend, keeping those underwater thrills alive.
  • Individual Expression and Unique Artistry: Commissioned paintings offer one-of-a-kind, personalized artworks that reflect the individuality of water enthusiasts, going beyond mass-produced art in emotional depth.

I've worked with many clients for these reasons and more in commissioning a painting and they couldn't be happier. You're guaranteed to love it and here are some past examples:

Commissioned paintings of Truk Lagoon wrecks San Francisco Maru and Fujikawa Maru

“It was starting to come down to the wire, my diver friends were about to get married and I still hadn’t figured out a gift...”

Justin commissioned paintings of Truk Lagoon as a wedding gift for his diver friends: 

"It was starting to come down to the wire, my diver friends were about to get married and I still hadn't figured out a gift for their wedding. Working with Grace was simply amazing, I didn't do well at articulating what I wanted nor the balance of my friends, however she worked with me probing to understand not only what I was thinking but also trying to understand the recipients. I still remember the day Grace sent me the pictures of the artwork and instantly I knew it was going to be hard to part with these pieces. However, I'll never forget the moment I uncovered the pieces and their reaction, watching my friends as they relived their dives, their trip, the colours and all the great times. I couldn't have asked for more and I can't wait to work with Grace again!"   

Commissioned painting of diver at Palancar cave Cozumel

“She was shocked, laughed and cried. Every emotion hit her as she opened it!!” 

Peter wanted a gift for his wife that would capture their diving experience in Cozumel:

"Incredible Grace!!!! Even better than I imagined!!!...She was shocked, laughed and cried. Every emotion hit her as she opened it!!" She loves it!!! Thanks again Grace. You did an amazing job!!!!"

Deb (Peter's wife and recipient of this commissioned gift): 

"This has brought us so much joy! The trip is forever in our memories...My husband’s idea to ask you to paint this was beyond my expectations. I will be forever grateful to the two of you for this awesome gift of more than a painting. I’m feeling the love."   


Commission by Grace Marquez of a cenote in Mexico

“It’s beyond what I imagined.”

Clare commissioned a painting as a memory of a family trip to a cenote in Mexico:

"The colours look so good. It’s beyond what I imagined. Thank you!!!!! I'm beyond thrilled!!!!"



Painting by Grace Marquez of a great white shark

“I have never seen him so excited before in my life.”

Serena commissioned a painting of her father's favourite marine animal - the Great White Shark and this work is now known affectionately as "Gus the Great White Shark":

"My dad is OBSESSED with great white sharks and has always loved looking at Grace’s paintings. I knew it would be so special to ask Grace to paint something for my dad. I was so amazed watching the painting come to life and how realistic Gus was. Grace truly captured the magnificence of a great white shark in Gus. To say the least my dad absolutely loves Gus and giving him the painting is a memory I will forever cherish. I have never seen him so excited before in my life."

Commissioned painting of spotted eagle ray in CozumelAdam was given this commission as a gift and he asked me to paint his favourite marine animal - a spotted eagle ray - that he would often see while diving at his favourite spot in Cozumel.


Commissioned painting of the Vickery wreck showing two divers in the hold.

Sonya commissioned me to paint the wreck of the Vickery which is located close to their cottage in the Thousand Islands Ontario. This hangs at their cottage as a conversation piece and connection to the history of the area.


painting of two divers on an artificial reef with colourful marine life growing all over it


Catharine is an avid diver and commissioned me to paint a wreck found in warm water that would become an artificial reef. She displays it in her home along with some of my prints to show her pride and passion as a diver.


The hassle-free process:

    1. Contact me! Even, if you've never commissioned a painting before, this is your opportunity to ask any questions and get clarity. If you know this is what you want, we will discuss what you want to be created. This is a collaborative process if you have strong ideas but if you want guidance, we can discuss your interests to come up with something that will make you happy AND showcase your unique connection to the water world.
    2. Define details. We define the size and approach and rough idea of shipping costs as it will require the final weight and packaging (that is if I can't hand deliver it to you directly). Currently, I create commissioned art in three popular sizes on gallery stretched canvas (though I'm happy and able to discuss larger sizes).
    3. Define timing. You're commissioning something unique - an original painting and as with anything unique and hand-made, does require some time. We discuss the general time frame of when you will receive your painting however keep in mind that commissions usually take a month on average including allowing for ample time for applying several coats of varnish.
    4. Secure your spot with a 50% deposit. There is a BRIEF agreement to ensure you know what you're getting and I know what I'm making for you. A deposit is required to hold my time to get started on it. 
    5. Enjoy updates on your artwork's progress. I then get to work! Sometimes, I may share sketches but I typically start right into the painting on the canvas itself. Periodically I will send you updates on the progress of the painting. 
    6. Finalize your purchase upon completion and get convenient delivery options . Once the painting is complete, the remaining 50% balance is invoiced before delivery. We agree on a delivery date, location and any shipping costs. 

That's it! You'll own a beautiful piece of artwork that celebrates your enthusiasm and passion for the water world. And if it's intended as a gift for your own water lover, it will show your thoughtfulness by gifting something so unique and memorable.

Discover how easy it is to own a unique commissioned painting that you will value for years to come!

To get a custom-made painting, crafted just for you by me, contact me directly at to get started or ask any questions!


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