Decorating with nature's brilliant colours

I thought it was wonderful enough seeing pics of my work in the homes of my patrons but there's a whole other level of wow and that's actually seeing renovations that were done to the space to coordinate the decor with my painting! I'm absolutely in love with this sitting area featuring a new fireplace, feature wall and color coordinated furnishings taken from the colours of my painting. More specifically, they're colours taken from underwater nature as that's what I tried to capture in my painting! You can't go wrong with inspiration from nature itself.

Thank you to my patrons for sharing this pic and for your support. I admit that the instability and uncertainty brought on by the pandemic made me second guess my decision to pursue this career full time however your appreciation has fired me up and I know I'm on the right path. No one said this would be easy but it's certainly been a learning experience! Here's to featuring more of the water world in our homes!


Thank you for reading this far!

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