Following my passions

Working on my latest painting Signing my latest painting

As you've likely already noticed I'm an AVID scuba diver. I spend most of my weekends either teaching scuba diving, assisting on technical courses or enjoying my own dives as a technical wreck and cave diver. I LOVE being in the water. I've been fortunate to see some beautiful places, structures and environments underwater. I feel privileged to be able to see the effects of Mother Nature at work and the impact of humans at work in these places.

So what you'll see most often in my work are those environments - the caves, wrecks, natural rock formations before they were covered over by water and the creatures that call those places their home.

It's a blessing to me that my love of diving and my love of making art have come together as I've explored my creativity more. 

My paintings and drawings are less about capturing an accurate or photographic rendering of these places and creatures but more about the wonder, cheerfulness, calm and awe I feel when experiencing them.

Thank you for checking out my work and I hope you've felt or learned something new about the beautiful world below the water line.