Have you seen "My Octopus Teacher"?


A whole blog post dedicated to a Netflix documentary?? YES! My Octopus Teacher is moving and eye opening and I don't think I'll ever eat octopus again :(   I'm working on eating fewer and fewer things with eyes or a face but that's another blog post. 

If you're even remotely interested in the world around you, this will make you really think about our connection to the other living creatures on this planet. Get past the first 10 minutes and I promise it will be worth it. 

"My Octopus Teacher" recounts the unusual and very special connection between a burnt out filmmaker and the water world where he seeks rejuvenation. One day, he makes a very magical acquaintance of - an octopus. It documents in beautiful vivid living colour, the octopus, the kelp forest environment and his changing mindset and reconnection with nature through these interactions. 

If you're ever blessed with sharing space with an octopus in the water, you'll understand whey they're so mesmerizing but watch it and be open to why the world really is a wondrous place. It inspired these watercolours and even now I'm marvelling at how lucky we are to live in a world that's diverse and full of life.....though increasingly less so. 

Documentaries like this make me appreciate being a diver and the privilege of being able to experience the magical world underwater. 



Thank you for reading this far!

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