I'm currently open to commissions. Whether you have something specific in mind or want to work with me to come up with something special for your home, office or event, I love to work with your ideas and brainstorm to bring them to life!  

Commissions also can be given as a memorable gift to someone special. I can work with the recipient directly to create something unique for them.

Some examples of past commissions:

 three painting commissions of a cenote a wreck in truk lagoon and wreck in bonaire


From Justin - commissioned me to paint images of Truk Lagoon as a wedding gift for his dear diver friends.

It was starting to come down to the wire, my friends were about to get married and I still hadn't figured out a gift for their wedding. Working with Grace was simply amazing, I didn't do well at articulating what I wanted nor the balance of my friends, however she worked with me probing to understand not only what I was thinking but also trying to understand the recipients. After a few months of collaboration Grace created 2 pieces that came together perfectly. I still remember the day Grace sent me the pictures and instantly I knew it was going to be hard to part with these pieces. However, I'll never forget the moment I uncovered the pieces and their reaction, watching my friends as they remembered their dives, their trip, the colours and all the great times. I couldn't have asked for more and I can't wait to work with Grace again! 


From Clare - commissioned me to paint a memory of a family trip to a cenote in Mexico.

The colours look so good. It’s beyond what I imagined. Thank you!!!!! I'm beyond thrilled!!!!


Contact me directly at to discuss ideas, an approach and pricing!