Artist Statement

My paintings often begin while I’m diving and submerged in the water world. A dive site will slowly reveal its details and character to you much like a person. Certain areas come into focus as you come closer; details become distinguishable and I start to see the beauty of these spaces as compositions. The fluidity of water, the reflection of light hitting the water or bouncing off stone walls; illuminating steel or wooden spaces in wrecks or capturing the colourful alien-like coral. The variety and richness of the underwater world are the things I try to express. For me, it’s not so much about capturing the realism of the scenes as the feel of experiencing the wonder of it.

My most recent project “Waterlust” is an introduction to these three types of diving - reef, wreck and cave as subjects. 

71% of the world we live in is made up of water in our oceans, rivers, lakes, aquifers, air and soil and yet the majority of people I show my art to know very little about water’s role in a healthy planet with the air we breathe, with its impact on the food chain and it’s connection to our overall health and wellbeing. 

I paint these things because I love the stories behind these places. The stories spark conversations around art, about the science and biology of the ecosystems we live in, of discovering the history of our expansion and exploration on our waterways and of the socializing. Stories have the ability to connect people with our environment. 

It’s what I've learned, seen and experienced as a diver that gives my art a purpose. I want to share the beauty, uniqueness and fragility of the water world. I welcome your questions about the subjects in my art and want to bring attention and awareness to our impact on and the importance of the role of water in our world. I hope that the stories that accompany each art work give it meaning for not just divers but for anyone who cares about preserving the water we need for a healthy future.
If you like my work and have a vision of something in particular, I'm also happy to work together with you to bring that to life. Just drop me a note at and let's bring something unique and creative into the world!