Artist Statement

In the studio painting memories of my divesMy paintings often begin while I’m diving and submerged in the water world. A dive site will slowly reveal its details and character to you much like a person. Certain details come into and out of focus and I start to see the beauty of these spaces as compositions - the fluidity of water, the reflection of light, the illumination of coral covered wrecks or capturing the colourful marine life. I’m inspired by the variety and richness of life underwater; of the evidence of how our planet was shaped. For me, it’s not so much about capturing the realism of the scenes as the feeling of experiencing the colour, richness of light and the wonder of such places.

I often have my GoPro with me on dives and take video. Once I'm back in the studio, I review my notes from the dives and watch the videos to pick out key moments or features of the dive site. I translate this into acrylic paint on canvas or board. 

I explore three main themes (primarily because I dive three main types of dive sites) - shipwrecks and the sometimes haunting stories they tell, reefs and their abundance of life, and caves and the beauty of the rocks revealing how they were formed. My work reflects the environment of these places with the reef paintings often being vibrant, colourful and full of movement, the shipwrecks being quiet and moody, and the caves being both colourful and also quietly moody. 

I’m currently working simultaneously on two collections. “Salty” is a celebration of the movement, life and light to be found in the ocean. It is most directly inspired by the diversity of life in the Sea of Cortez.  “Reclamation” explores the idea of the reclamation of these underwater places by showing how marine life slowly but surely makes the wrecks their home. These artificial reefs will eventually appear as if they’ve always been there. Given enough time, Mother Nature will persist.