Artist Statement

My paintings often begin while I’m diving and submerged in the water world. A dive site will slowly reveal its details and character to you much like a person. Certain details come into and out of focus and I start to see the beauty of these spaces as compositions - the fluidity of water, the reflection of light, the illumination of coral covered wrecks or capturing the colourful marine life. I’m inspired by the variety and richness of life underwater. For me, it’s not so much about capturing the realism of the scenes as the feeling of experiencing it and especially the wonder of it. 

71% of the world we live in is made up of water in our oceans, rivers, lakes, aquifers, air and soil and yet the majority of people I show my art to know very little about water’s role in a healthy planet with the air we breathe, with its impact on the food chain and its connection to our overall health and wellbeing. 

It’s what I've learned, seen and experienced as a diver that gives my art a purpose. I paint the reefs, wrecks and submerged caves because I want people to know the magic of the water world. I prefer to paint only those dive sites I’ve experienced. I try to dive as many different types of environments as possible regularly to get to know these places. There’s always a story behind each painting. I hope that the stories that accompany each artwork give it meaning for not just divers but for anyone who cares about preserving the water we need for a healthy future. 

I’m currently exploring the idea of the reclamation of these underwater places by showing how marine life slowly but surely makes the wrecks their home. These artificial reefs will eventually appear as if they’ve always been there. Given enough time, Mother Nature will persist. How we treat her will determine if we persist.