Diving: Alone and together underwater

In the last three weeks of practicing social distancing it's become super obvious to me why I enjoy diving so much. I gravitate back and forth between extroversion and introversion. I like my solitude but also enjoy the company of my friends and family. I need both and actually crave both. Diving gives me both. 

We dive together but underwater, we are also alone. We don't have the ability to communicate verbally which is why we rely on hand signals and if necessary we use our slates but being able to read body language, getting to know your dive buddy and anticipating what he or she needs or is going to do is important. And when you're comfortable with you dive buddy, you start to anticipate how you'll each react to a situation and can start to read each other. This is in part what makes it hard to dive with others once you've gotten used to diving regularly with someone. 

Ultimately, you have to be able to self-rescue and rely on your own judgement and physical abilities underwater but 


camaraderie of diving. The shared experience of diving.

have awareness of your dive buddies but also hyper aware of where I am in the water both physically and mentally. Even spiritually.